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RETAIN - Everyday Hair Gloss

RETAIN - Everyday Hair Gloss



  • Product Information

    Introducing our tortoiseshell tail comb, a hair parting essential made from BioAcetate material.


    Our honey tail comb is ideal for creating crisp parts for your signature styles. Whether it be cornrows, braids, bantu's or twists, our honey tail comb has you covered!


    • Made from BioAcetate. A fully recyclable and biodegradable material, made from cotton and wood pulp fibres without the use of naaasty petroluem-based plastizicers.
    • Create sections with ease using the point end. Ever so slightly rounded to avoid scalp irritation. 
    • Use for backcombing the hair when making dreadlocks.
    • Comes in a protective dust bag for easy storage while not using.


    Tip for use: Part hair into four sections while conditioning in the shower. Then grab your honey wide tooth comb to easily detangle each section of hair, preventing breakage and excess shedding.



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